map sense


on-line map built with public contributions

Using the public editing tools of Google Maps, map sense was an audio-visual community mapping project to add words, sounds, still images, and video from a neighbourhood (Vancouver's Downtown East Side) to an on-line map. It existed at from 2011 to 2014.

The first content was developed through a workshop at Centre A, Vancouver:
MAP SENSE workshop with Germaine Koh and Gillian Jerome

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Artist Germaine Koh and Gillian Jerome bring together their mutual interests in community work, urban space, and the sound of words to create an interactive field map. They will develop a system for geotagging images, recorded text fragments and audio field recordings onto an interactive map of a Chinatown/DTES. Participants will be able to contribute to the content of such map, and "play" a path through the map by tracing a path, which the system "read" back by replaying the audio and image fragments found along the path. This project is guided by the principle of crowd-sourcing: putting knowledge-making in the hands of the general public. This mapping also makes room for sensual, poetic and politicized content within reference material, and possibilities for alternative stories to emerge.Using existing systems for public contributions to digital maps, this project involves working with participants to write and record texts, record sounds, and add pictures to the system database.

with Gillian Jerome

Group Exhibitions: Centre A, CO-LAB, 2011.
Catalogues & Books: Chantal Molleur, Mireille Bourgeois, Jonathan Shaughnessy, Susann Wintsch, (im)mobile, 2014.
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Janice Wu, Centre A blog, 2011.
Reviews, Articles & Essays: Leanne Coughlin & Jason Starnes, The Capilano Review, 2012.

Germaine Koh, map sense, 2011, on-line map built with public contributions .