Track: Little Mountain

Trace By: Germaine

Location: Halifax, NS

Distance: 8.9 km


Edith and I had the idea of trying to trace this track beginning at the same street name (Windsor Street), but in a different city. We printed the track onto a Google map of Halifax, and recorded the trace using a GPS tracking app called My Tracks.
Interestingly, the Halifax starting-point also took us through a cemetery at the beginning of the trip, just like the original track. We faced the difficulty of trying to trace a straight line diagonally across a grid, which involved walking diagonally across streets, and of getting across a highway. Our route ended up being longer because we were unable to get across the golf course where we had hoped when looking on the map. We found a public apple tree that still had ripe apples in mid-November.

Date: 16 April, 2014