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Traces by User "Germaine"

  • image

    Trace by:

    Location: Iona Beach spit, Vancouver

    Distance: 8.8

    A neat feature in Vancouver, this 4.4km human-made spit extends straight out into the Georgia Straight from the mouth of the Fraser River.

    Date: 04 August, 2015
  • IMG_3203

    Trace by:

    Location: Dallas

    Distance: 2.68 km

    This is possibly the worst square ever. It went awry when I missed the intersection where I planned to turn. Then the city grid changed. The bleachers at Dallas City Hall were left over from a parade the previous day.

    Date: 08 December, 2014
  • Halifax-Dreilinendstr-20131118

    Trace by:

    Location: Halifax

    Distance: 7.99 km

    I chose a location in Halifax that looked like it would correspond well with the long, quite straight, walk towards a loop in a golf course. I chose to go over the Macdonald Bridge that links Halifax and Dartmouth, on a windy, rainy day. My walk also led to a golf course, like the original….

    Date: 13 October, 2014
  • image

    Trace by:

    Location: Vancouver, BC

    Distance: 1.44 km

    I thought this track would correspond quite well with the outline of Trout Lake, a small lake within the city limits of Vancouver. That turned out to be somewhat accurate. A handy dock served to bring me at least part-way into the middle of the lake, as the track would have required.

    Date: 27 June, 2014
  • Detroit-Toronto-map

    Trace by:

    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Distance: 2.6 km

    I did this one from memory, remembering that the track had two short spurs and a gentle curve, though I didn’t remember the direction of the curve. I simply followed the shoreline, only straightening my path at one end. On my trace, one spur records me getting across the highway to the lakeshore, and the…

    Date: 12 May, 2014
  • image

    Trace by:

    Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

    Distance: 1.8 km

    Transposed to a different administrative centre — the City Hall area of Windsor, Ontario — what became clear right away was the different scale. The entire track covers just a few city blocks in this flat city, but it includes both small houses and large public buildings. I identified a likely starting point, went there,…

    Date: 08 May, 2014
  • image

    Trace by:

    Location: Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

    Distance: 2.04 km

    This didn’t turn out as well as I thought it would. I picked a location that had interesting similarities to the Citadel: a somewhat ceremonial site on top of a hill — the Queen Elizabeth Park botanical garden. It started out great, but went awry when I had to bushwhack and got myself a bit…

    Date: 27 April, 2014
  • LittleMountain-response-Halifax-map

    Trace by:

    Location: Halifax, NS

    Distance: 8.9 km

    Edith and I had the idea of trying to trace this track beginning at the same street name (Windsor Street), but in a different city. We printed the track onto a Google map of Halifax, and recorded the trace using a GPS tracking app called My Tracks. Interestingly, the Halifax starting-point also took us through…

    Date: 16 April, 2014