Track: Shanghai River Run

Trace By: PLAYER1

Location: Vancouver

Distance: 6.98 km


I thought it would be interesting to map the urban space of Shanghai onto the smaller scale of the Vancouver waterfront. I know Vancouver’s scale well, so I guessed that the 7.35 km of the track would fit well around False Creek, starting from near the Burrard Bridge. I manually entered the coordinates of Burrard Street and Beach Avenue, then emailed the track to myself in order to open it in the free MyTracks GPS app.

I thought the curves of Shanghai’s Sozhou Creek would map quite well to the Vancouver seawall, but I made a mistake and ended up on the city grid for a couple blocks in Yaletown. I also paused the tracking when it was clear I was going to go off track for a block. Otherwise, I did okay at tracing a relatively straight line across the city grid in the southern part of the track.

Date: 26 April, 2014