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Traces by User "PLAYER1"

  • image

    Trace by:

    Location: Vancouver south

    Distance: .420

    This running track has an unusual shape because it surrounds a cricket oval.

    Date: 28 November, 2014
  • IMG_0154

    Trace by:

    Location: Ottawa, Canada

    Distance: 3.39 km

    I wanted to try the Shanghai river run again, on a different body of water. Looking at the trace online, I drew it on a tourist map of Ottawa, following the curves of the Ottawa River below/behind the Parliament buildings, and back along Wellington Street, which passes in front of the same buildings. Then I…

    Date: 28 May, 2014
  • image

    Trace by:

    Location: Dunbar Memorial Park, Vancouver

    Distance: 1.46 km

    I knew that this track was quite short by distance, so I thought it would fit well within the limits of one of the sports parks I frequent. However, I kept overestimating the distances from the original meandering track when walking the flat grounds of the park, so the shape isn’t very accurate. This trace…

    Date: 26 April, 2014
  • Shanghai-Van-20140425

    Trace by:

    Location: Vancouver

    Distance: 6.98 km

    I thought it would be interesting to map the urban space of Shanghai onto the smaller scale of the Vancouver waterfront. I know Vancouver’s scale well, so I guessed that the 7.35 km of the track would fit well around False Creek, starting from near the Burrard Bridge. I manually entered the coordinates of Burrard…

    Date: 26 April, 2014
  • 2014-04-21-map

    Trace by:

    Location: Vancouver, BC

    Distance: 2.74 km

    The original track describes the cemetery as being laid out like a city, so I thought it would be amusing to shift the track just a few blocks from the original. The scale proved to be quite similar. I chose not to cut across private property, but use city streets and alleys. This trace was…

    Date: 21 April, 2014