Track: Square


Location: Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Distance: 3.4 km

What does a square of 850m sides look like in your location?

Date: 27 April, 2014

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  • IMG_3203

    Trace by:

    Location: Dallas

    Distance: 2.68 km

    This is possibly the worst square ever. It went awry when I missed the intersection where I planned to turn. Then the city grid changed. The bleachers at Dallas City Hall were left over from a parade the previous day.

    Date: 07 December, 2014
  • IMG_1839

    Trace by:

    Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Distance: 5.0 km

    5km square, skewed a bit from your original. I only had to go off the city grid once, to cut across part of the Commons.

    Date: 10 October, 2014

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